About Hometrics.

Dedication sets us apart.

Hometrics aggregates and simplifies real estate data from public sources in easy to understand reports. We highlight potential property value concerns requiring further investigation by you or your agents or other advisors. Hometrics may be best described as a credit report for a residential property. Similar to the way that CarFax has garnered an international following in order to reassure a purchaser in an automobile transaction, Hometrics helps people entering into a real estate transaction to easily ascertain a property's value.

The most powerful aspect of the Hometrics system is its sophisticated algorithms which rate, rank and analyze over five hundred thousand houses in the Toronto area.

About Us

About Us

Our Mission.

Hometrics Mission Statement.

"To inform real estate buyers, sellers, renters and professionals with an easy to understand, informative and timely data set to help determine value, aid in real estate negotiation and provide a competitive advantage."

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Hello Toronto.

After three years in development, Hometrics launched in Toronto, Canada in the spring of 2016 and will change the real estate landscape city by city over the next year. Expect to benefit from a Hometrics report in your city soon.

About Us

About Us

Your single source.

The most important information.

Hometrics is not just your single source, it’s also the only comprehensive source. There is nowhere else to get comprehensive reports using live and current data the moment you need it. We are committed to helping you take control of your residential buying, renting or selling experience.

At Hometrics, our purpose is to provide insight through information, to foster trust and confidence, and to empower you by delivering the most informative real estate information available.