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Hometrics collects information about residential properties from many sources, analyzes the information, processes it so it’s easily understood, and binds it together into well-assembled and easy-to-read reports. Hometrics helps users evaluate homes ensuring their personal preferences can be met and compares homes with others in the neighbourhood. Get full details on our Reports here.

Hometrics aggregates and simplifies real estate data from public sources in easy to understand reports. Hometrics Reports highlight potential property value concerns requiring further investigation by you or your agent and other advisors. Use Hometrics as one important tool, along with a realtor and property inspection, to make the best decision about a property. A Hometrics Report sources hundreds of pertinent details about a property in order to provide crucial information about a property's positive and negative features.  Each full Hometrics Report is comprised of 7 Segment Reports (crime, neighbourhood & street, hazards, education, construction, costs & complaints), which can be purchased individually. Check out available Hometrics Reports here.

In instances where you may only wish to gather information on specific areas of concern, Segment Reports serve as a great option. A Segment Report is essentially a single chapter of a Hometrics Report.  There are seven segments that comprise a Hometrics Report: a Neighbourhood and Street Report that reviews the neighbourhood that the property falls into; a Complaints Report highlighting issues closest to the property; a Crime Report reviewing incidents closest to the property; a Hazards Report detailing issues closest to the property; an Education Report that provides analysis for the property's district schools; a Construction Report that reviews activity on the street and in the neighbourhood; and a Costs Report detailing home ownership and renovation costs. Most customers in the market to purchase or sell a property will buy a full Hometrics Report. Segment Reports are great for renters. For example, a potential home renter will be interested in a crime segment and/or a complaints segment, but may find it unnecessary to pay for a construction segment or a costs segment.

An Individual Report is a short form report, which highlights and condenses important real estate information.

POEpro gives Hometrics subscribers online access to information free of charge. When subscribers search an address, they receive all pertinent search statistics available from Hometrics proprietary Property Overview Engine (POE), together with possible property issues. Each POEpro search should yield at least 80 property value factors.  Those users without a subscription have access to the free POE (not pro), receive up to 8 pertinent statistics for each search, and can super charge their search results if they sign up and create an Account. Click here to get full details on POEpro.

The question of which report to purchase truly depends on the type of information you wish to acquire.  The reports are clearly titled and feature information based on that topic. It’s important that you select the report pertinent to the information you need and/or desire. If you’re truly interested in evaluating the property and getting a comprehensive view of its positive and negative features, it is recommended you purchase a full report which includes all seven segments.

The cost of a Hometrics Report varies depending on the type of report purchased. Please check here for all of our pricing information.

It truly depends on your needs and requirements. The number of reports and frequency of your purchases is what helps guide you in this decision. If you’re shopping for a home and selling your current home, then you might need several reports pertaining to several home addresses you’re potentially interested in and a subscription would be the best choice for you.  Subscriptions additionally offer full access to the Hometrics POEpro (Property Overview Engine Pro), our proprietary search facility for property issues. Real Estate Agents and other professionals that have an ongoing need for reports would also find a subscription advantageous. The On Demand service is best suited for infrequent users or single address searches.

Currently the Hometrics system serves the Toronto area from Steeles Avenue to the north, Lakeshore to the south, all of Scarborough and Mississauga Road to the west.

You can purchase additional reports above your subscription allotment. The system will simply charge you according to subscription overage pricing for any such additional reports.  Pricing for reports above your quota is markedly reduced.

Purchasing a Hometrics Report can be done in just a few steps and takes under a minute. To purchase a Hometrics Report, enter the property address, pick your report type and pay with a credit card. For pricing information, click here.


To order and purchase a report, you'll need the property's address, as well as a valid credit card. You do not have to be the owner of the property to purchase a Hometrics Report.

When entering your order and payment details, be sure to enter the billing address that is associated with the credit card you are using.

The system provides a robust online system for managing the reports you’ve purchased. Hometrics will email you a link and a receipt for each report you purchase. Simply click on this link to open the report in your browser or download it.   All reports are delivered as PDFs. Purchased reports are also available via your Hometrics Account page. To ensure you receive your report, enter [email protected] into your “safe” list.

You will typically receive an email from Hometrics within minutes of completing your purchase, with unique link to your report. Because Hometrics provides you with information that is “live” (i.e. in real-time), when you submit your payment, that is the moment when we go to our many data sources to find available information about the property. As we receive that information, your report will be populated. Once all the information has been compiled, we will send a second email letting you know that your report is complete.  The link to your report will be saved under the Download Reports tab, along with a record of the transaction under the Purchase History tab, both located in your Hometrics Account.  In rare cases, data sources can go down for short periods of time for updating; in such cases and in order to provide the most current data to you, report delivery can take several hours.

The most likely cause is that your email security settings are set to deflect emails that contain links or that are from unknown sources. If you have a  "junk mail" folder or spam folder, please check there to ensure your system didn’t misfile your Hometrics email. You can always locate your report and its corresponding status in your Hometrics Account.

Some data providers have varied hours on nights and weekends. Only when you submit your payment does Hometrics query our various data sources, which ensures that you have the timeliest information available on that property. The data sources that are available will process the request right away, and any sources that are down, will put the request in a queue for when they are available. Typically, your report will be completed within minutes. If a data source is not responding, then you will generally have the report fully completed within a few hours.

You can buy multiple reports and report types for as many properties as you wish.  Simply search each property individually and add the report type specific to that property to your shopping cart.  Cart items will be saved for the duration of your session.

When you submit your payment information to Hometrics, it is at that moment that we search our data providers for the most recent information. Hometrics selects update times for critical datasets in order to be able to provide timely information.  Since large sections of reports are continually updated and populated, Hometrics reports contain the most current information available.

Hometrics pulls and manipulates information from hundreds of different data sources across Canada, including The City of Toronto, the Toronto Board of Education, the Education Quality and Accountability Office, Toronto Hydro, Enbridge Gas, Toronto Public Health, The Government of Ontario, the Government of Canada, Toronto Police Services and Statistics Canada, using a customized and automated processes.  We make information easier to understand and evaluate.

No. Hometrics stringently abides by Canadian privacy laws. All data provided is from publicly available sources and does not contain personal information.

Your Hometrics Report is complete when the thumb's up icon appears in the status column in the Download Reports section of your Account. If one of the many data sources Hometrics searches at the time of your request is down (which is rare, but can occasionally happen), you will see a 'Not Available' message in your Account. When the data source becomes live again, your report will be completed and we will send you an email to let you know that it is done. You can also check back in by refreshing the report link, as that will always capture the most current information.

When the words ‘Not Available’ appear in your Account, it means one or several of Hometrics’ data sources hasn’t yet responded with data for your Hometrics Report. The report will automatically update (usually minutes later) when all the information is complete and available. You can also check back in by refreshing the report link, as that will always capture the most current information.

No. Anyone can run a Hometrics Report on any property. All you need is the municipal address.

Verify! Hometrics aggregates and simplifies real estate data from public sources in easy to understand reports.  Hometrics is not the originator of the data.  If a report highlights a potential property concern, you should undertake further investigation.

Yes. We do offer our heavy use clients preferred pricing to accommodate those who use our system often to search and report on multiple properties. Click here for pricing information.

Hometrics is always pleased to connect with you, either by email at [email protected] or through our help link on the site.

Your Hometrics Report is available for 60 days from the date of original download, but will quickly become less pertinent as time passes. Once the 60 day period passes, the Hometrics report link will expire. Because Hometrics provides data about your property at the moment your report is purchased, we recommend that you run a new report if more than 30 days have passed since the date of purchase, as there will likely be changes to the property's data since the report was first run.

In accordance with Hometrics Report Licensing Terms, you may provide a Hometrics Report to one alternate email address and otherwise only to clients who are engaged in a legal contract with you (buyer/broker or seller/broker).  All reports are watermarked to prevent unauthorized use.

After you enter the property address in the search field, select the type of Hometrics Report you would like, and complete the payment, Hometrics will email you a link to your report. Please make sure that the email address you enter is correct and valid, to ensure that you receive this email with your report link.

Although non-delivery or incorrect sorting into your “junk mail” folder is rare, to ensure you receive your report into your inbox enter [email protected] into your “safe” list. Please note that Hometrics will never sell, share, rent or otherwise distribute your email address to any party for any reason. Please read our Privacy Policy for further information.

Absolutely.  All of Hometrics order pages are displayed and hosted under a secure network that supports 128-bit encryption. Hometrics uses a multinational third party processing firm and does not have to access or store your credit card information.

Please click here to see our Privacy Policy.

Our reports are in PDF format. This is a file format universally viewable on almost any computer. If you're using a very old computer, you might need to download a free PDF Viewer. But any computer of relatively recent vintage comes with a PDF Viewer.  Additionally, PDFs provide excellent quality output should you wish to print your report.

Yes.  You can search any residential address in Toronto.