• Posted 08/07/16

Metro Special Report: First Time Homebuyer: The latest innovations to help you find property

Tech Tools help in quest for new digs
Deep-dive data

Toronto-based Hometrics is looking to be a disruptor in the real estate space by rating, ranking and analyzing every home.

Specifically, provides information on a neighbourhood not easily found elsewhere, be it crime statistics on the street, number of residential complaints, building permit information, quality of local schools, and more.

Starting at $5, Hometrics says it breaks down multiple variables into easy-to-read reports. Most users opt for the full $99 report, which includes all seven segments for neighbourhood, street and property intelligence.

David Silverberg, Hometrics co-founder, says this proprietary "big data" technology can analyze and rank more than 500,000 residences in Toronto in just a few clicks.

"It's a very powerful system"

By Marc Saltzman